Monogrammed Cutting Board

I wanted to share with you the newest red item in my kitchen!

I was doing some online window shopping & saw lots of
monogrammed cutting boards. It didn't take me but a couple
of minutes to decide I wanted to make one for myself!

I used SCAL to design the monogram.  I imported a swirly
frame SVG and the font Monogram KK.  Once I was happy
with my design, I mirrored the image before I cut the vinyl.

I used my Cricut to cut the red adhesive vinyl.
(settings - 3, 3, 3)

YAY...I had a clear glass cutting board in the kitchen!

After finding the center of my cutting board & image, 
I applied the vinyl to the back of the cutting board.

And here's my new cutting board monogrammed in RED!

3 fabulous folks said...:

Tractor Mom said...

Love it!!

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

ya know, i've figured out a lot of things i can make do without a cricut by using some other products, but this is one of them that make me very very jealous and sad i don't own a cricut. I'm very impressed. Onto my someday list it goes....

laura said...

For a long time I didn't think I wanted a Cricut because I don't scrapbook, but then I started seeing all the fabulous things people were making using vinyl & I couldn't resist any longer! =)