Let's Make a Pop Top Tab Bracelet

Thanks to "The Twilight Saga," Pop Top Tab Bracelets are making a comeback.
Kristen Stewart has been sporting one at several public appearances
and photo shoots with Robert Pattinson.  It was inevitable that the
"Twihards" would be scrambling to buy or make one for their very own!

The most difficult part of making this bracelet is collecting the pop top tabs!

What you will need -
Suede Cord
8 to 10 Pop Top Tabs
(in the south, coke can tabs)

I cut my cord 36" to make it easier to tie the knots at the end of the bracelet.

Fold your cording in half and tie a knot about 3/4" from the end, making a loop.

Thread the cord from back to the front of a tab.

Cross the two pieces of cord over each other to make an x.
Bring the two pieces of cord down through the tab.

Bring the cord straight across the back of the next tab & thread through to the front.

Measure around your wrist & add tabs until you reach your desired length.
9 tabs will make your bracelet 7" long (including the first loop)

Tie a knot at the last tab.

Tie another knot, leaving about 3/4" between the two knots.

Trim the remaining cord.
Slip the knot through the loop to wear.

Layering with a plain suede bracelet just adds to the look.

Or how about making one with ribbon or silk cording to match your outfits?

3 fabulous folks said...:

Tractor Mom said...

Oh, Laura, this is just too easy! Love it!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Such a cute way to reuse something that is normally thrown away. I love it! I'm going to start collecting my coke tabs now!

Anonymous said...

thanks Laura! I will be making a few of these!