Easy Puzzle Storage

My little one has always loved to put together puzzles.
Two big problems we have are storage & sorting.

The wooden cutout puzzles are easy to sort since
every piece has its own space, and we stored them
stacked inside of a canvas bag in case the pieces fall out.

Cardboard puzzles are a whole different animal.  While
struggling one evening trying to put the correct pieces in the
correct box, (sometimes a toddler decides they want all the
puzzles piled in the floor together) I decided I needed a
way to identify which pieces went into the correct box!  

We have a big "book" of puzzles where the back of 
each puzzle piece is the same color as the corresponding
puzzle.  I love that idea, but was afraid I would run out
of colors.  I decided that I would use numbers instead!

You'll need -
Zip Close Bag

Decide what number you are going to use.
Put that number on the puzzle picture & bag.
(I like the write-on freezer bags)

Lay out your puzzle pieces & write your puzzle number on the back.

Cut the picture off of the box.

Put your picture & pieces in the bag.
(Your kiddo will probably like helping!)

Easy to sort & store!!!  =)

The bags are easily stored in a drawer, basket, or plastic shoe box.
And it's SO much easier to sort the pieces if they get mixed together
by your little monkey who thinks that's a fun game to play!

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