Throwdown Thursday

I am so ready for spring!  We've had our snow for the year, now it's time for the sunshine & warm weather!

I spent most of the day today collecting the supplies I need to complete today's throwdown (it takes an hour to get to the closest craft supply stores), so I didn't actually get to complete the project!  Hopefully tomorrow...

Here's my challenge for you this week!  Go to MaryJanes and Galoshes & read the tutorial for this super cute wreath, then make your own version of it!!!  Let your imaginative juices flow...I can see this wreath done for every season, holiday, celebration, etc.

1 fabulous folks said...:

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

Ooh a challenge, what a cute idea! Love that you are so excited to make the wreath, send me a pic and I will post it over at MJ&G (along with any of your challengers LOL) with a link to your blog.