Tackle It Tuesday

A little while ago I told you that my oldest son had moved out of the house
and that we were turning his old room into a craft room/office.
Today I started working in there...oh my goodness!
I have so much work to do, but I will be so glad to have all of my crafting
equipment and supplies in its own room instead of spread out all over the house!
I'm sure my hubby will be happy to have a desk to work on and a room
where he can close the door on days he has to work from home!

I already have most of my craft stuff in baskets.  I plan on cleaning out a lot
of junk that I don't use and organizing the supplies that I plan on keeping!

Today I went & bought these shelves (I may go back & get one more).

I don't have any pictures of the room, yet, but I promise I will
take some before pictures.  I am really looking forward
to being able to take the after pictures!

Now I just have to find a table for my sewing machines and a printer stand!  =)

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