Throwdown Thursday

Do you have a cabinet dedicated to saving all those plastic or paper shopping bags you have collected over the months/years?  Sometimes I save my bags, sometimes I don't.  I don't save every single one of them because there is no way I would ever use them or have the space for them.  I reuse the plastic ones in the small trash cans in the bedrooms & bathrooms just so it makes gathering up trash on trash day easier.  Jonathan saves the paper bags for work.  I have never bought a reusable shopping bag before yesterday.  The ones I have seen with store logos on them for the most part are UGLY, and I couldn't see spending a small fortune on designer shopping bags.  I found this cute shopping bag at Sally Beauty Supply for 99 cents!  I'm planning on going back next week & buying a few more with my February $5.00 coupon!  My plan is to start using my shopping bags (although I will on occasion ask for plastic bags when I run out of "trash bags") and my challenge for you is to start using them too, even if it's only for small purchases!

And for the crafty ones out there who want to use up some of that hoarded fabric, here's 35 Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Make Free Patterns!  http://tipnut.com/35-reusable-grocery-bags-totes-free-patterns/

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