Scribble Sun SVG

Wow...what a rainy weekend!  We received  close to 3 inches of rain and most of it fell last night!  For a little while we were under a Tornado Warning & we were under a Flood Warning all night (our family is fine).  Today is beautiful, and even though the little one & I have a cold, we are enjoying the sun shining through all the windows.  It's super windy outside, so we won't be venturing out today.

To celebrate the beautiful day, I'm sharing a cute little Scribble Sun with you!  =)

2 fabulous folks said...:

Anonymous said...

This is the only sun we will see for a while! Thanks fro sharing.

Bobbi in cold, snowy Ohio

Jeni said...

Thank you so much. I love it! I will have to use it on a page I'm currently working on...