Ruche Inspired bubbly in braids knit scarf

I knew as soon as I saw this picture that 

Gather up your supplies -
(these are what I used, but not required)

Tapestry Needle

Make a slip knot with your yarn & place it on the end peg.
Cast on to 3 sets of pegs using the Stockinette stitch.

Use the Stockinette stitch to knit 78 inches (to make a 72" scarf).
After knitting the length you want, just do a simple bind off.
You'll need to make 3 identical "mini scarves" to complete the look.

Take all three of your "mini scarves" & lay them on top of
each other matching the ends.  Use your tapestry needle
and some matching yarn to sew all three ends together.

Braid all three sections of your scarves together.
It looked better to me to make the braid loose.
Now sew the ends together at the end of the braid.

Make 2 identical large pom poms out of matching yarn.
I didn't like the way the Homespun yarn was making the 
pom poms look so fuzzy.  I ended up making them with

Take your tapestry needle & matching yarn again and
sew one pom pom on each end of your braided scarf.

This is going to look great layered with a simple flat scarf or worn alone!

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to email me!

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p.s.  You don't have to run out & buy that particular loom to make this scarf.
It can be made on any of the long looms or even the circular looms because
you will be knitting a 3 peg wide flat panel.  The yarn I used is a #5 bulky.

6 fabulous folks said...:

cricaholic said...

GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to make one!! I love the fact that it's actually braided...SO COOL!!! TFS

Brassy Apple said...

Fun!!! great job! love the texture

scrappinkay said...

you are awesome!!! Now when you say three "sets" of pegs that means 6 pegs, right? Cuz you are skipping a peg and catching it on the way back?

Cheryl said...

Really cute ! I saw somethng like this at Anthropologie only a headband - I wish I knew how to use a knifty knitter thingie

Just Crafty Today said...

Wow... how cool! I have a hard time with the knifty knitter. I bought a couple for my kids and now they are sitting in the closet. I need to get those out and try them! I am a new follower!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

WOW! I love this!!