Santa's Magic Key

How does Santa get in the house to deliver the gifts?

I know that is one of the big questions that our little ones ask during the 
Christmas season.  Mason is very excited about Christmas and Santa 
this year.  I wasn't very prepared to answer this question this year when 
he finally asked me.  Unfortunately, our house does not have a fireplace.  

I decided I better get online and find an answer!

Sherry at A Time to Stitch graciously gave her group last year a 
Santa's Magic Key embroidery file.  I found the "key" at Walmart 
in the jewelry section for $4.00...a little pricey but it will work!
Oh, and of course the ribbon came from my extensive stash...

This morning we got up & made Santa's Magic Key for our front door.

Now Santa can deliver those gifts to my boys without breaking the law!  =)

I know that a lot of people don't own an embroidery machine,
so I found a few places online that offer a printable version!

Now I hope that you will be prepared if you are asked the "big" question!

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