Motivation Monday - Quick Easter Craft

We, like most everyone else, are on a tight budget.
When it came time to try & come up with something
to give the children at church Sunday morning for
Easter, I decided food would probably be the
cheaper route to go.  So the little one & I headed
out to the store, and started looking for inspiration!

While cruising the cracker/cookie aisle, Mason
spied the Goldfish Crackers.  That's when I
remembered a "carrot" craft I had seen numerous
times online and in magazines.  I grabbed a HUGE
container of Goldfish (& a smaller box for Mason),
headed over to the baking section to grab a box of icing
bags, & to the craft section for a spool of green ribbon.

These were easy peasy to make!
1 12" Icing Bag
Goldfish Crackers
9" Green Ribbon

I filled the icing bags up with crackers, leaving about
4" at the top, then tied it shut with the ribbon!

Wah-lah...Super Cute & Inexpensive Easter Carrots!

Goldfish Crackers - $9
12 Icing Bags - $4
Green Ribbon - $0.60
Total - $13.60 for 12 Carrots

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Too cute, Laura!!