Tackle It Tuesday

5:55 pm - Oh wow!  Today's tackle is giving me a headache!  I've had my new serger since December 23rd, but have just gotten it out of the box.  I decided today I was going to learn how to thread it and look at all the different stitches it sews.  I still haven't gotten it to work even though I have watched the DVD & read the instructions a bunch of times!  I know I will get it eventually, but I've had to stop so I could put a chicken casserole and corn souffle in the oven...the family has to eat!  =)

I hope to have an update for you before I go to bed tonight...

7:58pm - Success!

So what did you tackle today???

2 fabulous folks said...:

MommaDJane said...

Great Tackle Tuesday Post. Wish I could get back into sewing, just never get motivated enough.

Anonymous said...

It really helps, when you are new and learning your serger, to put a different color thread on each spool. I used a color that matched each dial, so then when you stitch you can see what thread does what and also see what need to be adjusted. After some practice, you will know how to adjust with all one color thread. Mess with the dials and make swatches and put notes on each swatch (in a notebook) then later when you have a problem, you compair your stitch problem with your swatch and know how to correct it. That is how I learned. (Not sure if I explained it correctly, email me if you have any questions on this.)
Good luck